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Insect Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Arazyme Facial Powder
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Arazyme Facial Powder

Our Enzyme peeling product takes advantage of natural enzymes to exfoliate and refine the skin without the use of synthetics or harsh chemicals. Enzyme Peeling Powder is not used any Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHAs) such as Glycolic Acid.

This unique type of enzyme powder cleanser effectively dissolves dead cells as well as up residues and skin impurities for brighter skin tone. It leaves skin brighter and smoother with soft finish.

The following skin conditions can be cured

  1. The flaky skin that feels dry and too tightened
  2. The skin with frequent skin troubles due to excessive sebum secretion
  3. The skin looking dull and rough
  4. The rough skin with large pores
  5. The skin whose makeup gets easily loose
  6. The oily skin whose pores are closed with black and white heads


  1. Safe with no adverse effects
  2. Not sensitive to ultraviolet rays
  3. Can be applied to all skin types(applicable even to the sensitive skin, and the skin with enlarged capillary vessels)
  4. Helps to absorb makeup

Major ingredient

  • Arazyme(Protease)
  • Zea Mays(Corn) Starch
  • Sodium lauroyl Glutamate
  • Angelica Keiskey Extract
  • Grape Fruit Extract

Direction for use
Take 2g or so to your palm with some water. Then apply it all over the face in massaging movements for about 1minute, and rinse it off clean with lukewarm water. Do it again of you've on makeup.

How often to use by skin type

  • Oily skin : Two or three times a week
  • Dry skin : Once a week
  • Acne skin : Three times a week
  • Sensitive skin : Once every one or two weeks
  • Normal skin : Once or twice a week
    Adjust the frequency of use according to your skin type

CTFA Certified

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