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   Sell Antioxidant 168
Appearance:White Powder Content of 2,4-di-tert-buty1-pheny1: max0.2% Melting Point:183.0-187.0 C Volatilizing: max0.3% Clarity of solution:Clear solution Transmittance:425 nm min98% 500nm min98% Assay: min99% our contact information is lindawang at ...
Qingdao Richkem Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Potassium Bromate
molecular formula:KBrO3 molecular weight:167 CAS NO: 7758-01-2 HS NO.: 28299000 Usage: This product is a strong oxidant, mainly used as chemical agent, printing and dyeing auxiliary, quality-improving reagent for wheat granules in food additive and ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Calcium Bromide
Molecular formula: CaBr2 Molecular weight: 199.88 CAS NO: 7789-41-5 Uses: Calcium Bromide its formulated brines are mainly used as completion,workover and packer fluids in oil drilling field. Specifications: Solid liquid Appearance white partical or ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Aluminum/ Metal Strip Ceiling Boards
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material: Aluminum, galvanized steel Colour: White, grey, black, any of the RAL colour, etc. Surface treatment: Ordinary powder coating, polyester powder coating, polyester oil painted, etc. Package: Carton Width: 100mm to ...
Foshan Jubang Building Materials Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Tungsten Wire
Tungsten Wire Supplying different sizes of tungsten & molybedum wires, rods, sheets, screens and other components and products. We accept orders based on customer's special requirements.
Wujiang Shineway Lighting Material Co., Ltd.    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Potassium Bromide
molecular formula:KBr molecular weight:119 CAS NO: 7758-02-3 Usage:This product is used as sensitive emulsion of cinema film and photographic film, or for formulating developer and used as sedative etc. In medication Specifications: Industrial grade ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell PVDF Coated Aluminum Wall Panel for Wall ...
Aluminum curtain wall /Aluminum single panel 1. Light weight, elegant, 2. Easy installation, sound-absorbing, fireproof, anti-dirt 3. Excellent weather resistance Scopes of Application: 1). Interior and external wall decoration 2). Shop front, awning ...
Foshan Jubang Building Materials Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Boron Trifluoride Etherate
Pharmaceutical/resin polymerization. Appearance Colorless to yellowish liquid Boiling Point 124-127 Density 1.12-1.14 Moisture 0.5%max Assay 46.8%-47.8% For more details information, pls contact lindawang at richkem dot com
Qingdao Richkem Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Magnesium Bromide Hexahydrate
molecular formula:MgBr2.6H2O molecular weight:292.22 CAS NO: 13446-53-2 Usage: Mainly used as sedative and material for organic combination Specifications: Solid liquid Appearance white partical or lanpy crystal colorless transprent liquid Content ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell BPS
Appearance:off- white powder Volatiles:0.2%max Bromine content: 66%min Bromind Ion: 250ppm Garden Color:3.0max Chlorine content:1.5max It provides outstanding thermal stability and electrical performance. It isparticularly suitable for engineering ...
Qingdao Richkem Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Ammonium Bromide
molecular formula: NH4Br molecular weight: 97.94 CAS NO:12124-97-9 Usage:Ammonium Bromide is used in the preparation of photographic emulsions and developers,in pharmaceutical preparations,as a wood preservative,forwater treatment and as a flame ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Barium bromide
molecular formula:BaBr2 molecular weight:296.69 CAS NO: 10553-31-8 Usage:Uses in the chemical intermediate and the spice, the cosmetics chemical additive. Specifications: Solid liquid Appearance white powder or crystal colorless transprent liquid ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Reinforced Graphite Gasket
Reinforced Graphite Gasket is cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with metal reinforcement, features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high internsity it can be used as ...
YuYao Icegan Seals&Gaskets Factory    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Zinc Bromide
Molecular formula: ZnBr2 Molecular weight: 225.20 CAS NO: 7699-45-8 Usage: Mainly used in ocean wells as complete liquid, stationary liquid and amending liquid. It is also an important material of medical industry. Specifications: Solid liquid ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
   Sell Phosphorus Tribromide
Molecular formula: PBr3 Molecular weight: 270.73 CAS NO.: 7789-60-8 Use: Organic Intermediate Specifications: Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Boiling point: 173.2"C Relative Density 2.88(d4) Content: more than99% Package: ...
Wfifangkaihongchemicallimited    China    (2015/03/06)
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