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Lopefree Imp- Exp Enterprise    Cameroon    (2015/03/29)
   Sell PE Powder Coating
Base material:LDPE Average partical size: 220-280um Color:Custom made(price below is for white color.It is different for some unusual colors) Please contact us for more details.
Chainlyn Trading Co.,Ltd.    China    (2015/03/29)
   Sell electrical drives Sell
An electric drive is an electromechanical system that employs an electric motor as the prime mover instead of a diesel engine, steam or gas turbines, hydraulics, etc. to control the motion and processes of different machines and mechanisms. 1 Typical ...
RobertBosch Ltd.    Germany    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Flow switch 32
Medium : water Temperature : 0~80 degree Connecting : 32 A Rating : 10W, 110V, 1A Operating range : 10~30 (LPM)-it can be controlled by on order. Refer to www.shineui.co.kr
Shineui Electronics Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Gas pressure switch
This is used in the place of sensing Gas-pressure. So it's installed on the gas burner in the industrial combustion system. This sense gas pressure acculately and cut-off when it's occured too high or low pressure. Fluid : LPG, LNG 220V/5A 0~50mbar, ...
Shineui Electronics Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell 3 way valve
Medium : water Medium temperature : 0~80 degree Permissible pressure : 5.0 bar Voltage : 24V, 110V, 220V ( due to an order) Feature : Manual operator as well as Auto operating. This is being used in solar heat system, Heat pump, Gas boiler and so on ...
Shineui Electronics Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Air pressure switch(SAPS V)
Fluid : air 0~2mbar, 0~3mbar, 0~5mbar, 0~10mbar 220V/5A 0~60 degree Refer to www.shineui.co.kr
Shineui Electronics Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Micro water flow sensor 0.5
PRODUCT INFORMATION MODEL Micro Water Flow Sensor 0.5 USE 1.This sensor is used in water flow sensing. 2.This sensor has application to gas boiler and instantaneous warm-water appliance and water filtering appliance. FEATURES 1.This sensor has ...
Shineui Electronics Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Hydraulic Breaker
Dear Sir or Madam, Are you satisfied with the performance of hydraulic breaker you are importing? Are you satisfied with the service they are offering? And what about the price? G Series-Outer-mounted-valve with accumulator -Best suitable for wide ...
QKLASS Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell rock breaker tool(chisel)
The best quality chisel at competitive price QKLASS provides hydraulic breaker chisel such as QKLASS, Montabert, Furukawa, Atlas copco, Soosan, Rammer, Indeco, N.P.K, Daemo, Everdigm, D&A, Volvo, Stanley, etc. -High quality materials(100% ...
QKLASS Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell quick coupler
QKLASS Quick Couplers have been designed to permit exchanging several kinds of attachments of excavators in a few minutes without using any other tools and machines while staying in the cabin. Currently, QKLASS QPL Series are available in 7 different ...
QKLASS Co., Ltd.    Korea    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Polyacrylamide solution
CAS number: 9003-05-8 Uses: Paper making, Applications for enhanced oil recovery Solid content: 15%~20% Ion: Zwitterion Package: IBC or tank
Chainlyn Trading Co.,Ltd.    China    (2015/03/29)
   Sell Check Weigher
Model: HC-8 Application Apply advanced digital signal processing and realize high speed and stable weighing. Special frame structure enables it to keep accuracy when working. With liquid crystal and tangibly screen, it is easy to operate. With strong ...
Shanghai Handfree Mechatronic Co., Ltd.    China    (2015/03/29)
   Sell GC-S LED weighing indicator
GC-S weighing indicator with OIML version and EC-type approval nction: Animal weighing Parts counting Weight checking Accumulating Weight hold Preset tare -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature: high ...
Shanghai Handfree Mechatronic Co., Ltd.    China    (2015/03/29)
   Sell WA Series weighing scale(high precision ...
25mm LCD, with LED auto backlight selection 230x290mm SST pan 6V4ah standard rechargeable battery RS232 interface can connect to a PC or printer Unit:kg,g,oz,lb with simple counting function with check weighing function(Hi Lo Ok with beep)] ...
Shanghai Handfree Mechatronic Co., Ltd.    China    (2015/03/29)
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