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   Sell briquette produce line
Brief Descriptioncapacity:300kg-2000kg/h Description To protect the environment,reduce the damaging the Earth, more people start to become interested in Charcoal / Biomass Briquette business. Charcoal / Biomass Briquette are Renewable, Eco-friendly ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Combined Oil Press
Machine is characteristics with fine figure, compact structure, easy installment, high automatization, rapid heating for chamber, pressing at random, high output rate, chear oil and pure flavor and so on.
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Rice/Paddy Process Machine
A. Characteristics: This series are the new products based on digesting and absorbing advanced technique at home and abroad. Comparing with rice milling equipment made in China at present, this series synthetically function has climbed up a new step. ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Cashew Nut Sheller
Cashew sheller instruction Removing the shell is the most important task of Cashew processing industry. Being difficult and inefficient,this process makes the industry retard from growing and being popular. This machine has two serials:manual ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Rice/Paddy Mill
rice mill description: Usage: Use to dehull paddy, wheat, millet, corn, etc, can separate core from hull perfectly.
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Vegetables
We are offering fresh tomatoes. our company has already specialized in keeping fresh vegetables and fruit processing for many years. With advanced machinery and healthy raw, our products have high reputation in the world. Because of our high quality ...
Sasbab    USA    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Apricot (Hazelnut) Sheller
Apricot (Hazelnut) Sheller Machine Working Prinple This machine professional use for broken the hard shell ,like the apricot and filbert. to change the distance between the rollers of this machine ,can broken the different size shell of the products. ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Complete Wheat Flour Mill
This series of products can be divided info two groups, lattice and ground (Ground type received national patents because of its unique combination and milling technology), which are composed of mainly efficient plansifter extractor as well as round ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Drink Water Machine
System process description: process: Source water - source water pump - more activated carbon filter medium filter -the security filter - high-pressure pump -the reverse osmosis device - water points. Process equipment explains: This system mainly ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell special palm oil press
special palm oil press structure is reasonable.It is easy to operate and maintain.It can be fitted with motor or diesel engine.Every day can produce palm oil 3-5T..It is the first selection for Palm Oil producing customs..After the production is ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell French fries machine
French fries processing equipment including:potatoes cleaning peeling machine, cutting machine,bleaching machine,hot oil frying machines,dewatering machine,Fried flavoring food machine,packaging machine. This set of equipment operation convenience, ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Fresh Sweet Pineapples
We are offering fresh pineapples. From Sasbab. Please let me know the detail quantity that you want. I will give the quotation with a reasonable price for your reference. Maturity : Mature Style : Fresh Cultivation Type : Common
Sasbab    USA    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Grinding Mill for Dry Red Pepper
dry pepper flour mill process description: Dry pepper---water washing---pepper---drying---dry cleaning---de-seed---pepper crushing---grinding mill set.
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell Rice Noodle Machine
rice noodle complete producing line description Rice - soaking- crushing - rice noodle machine -Natural drying- packing.
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
   Sell pellet production line
Brief Descriptioncapacity:500kg--4t/h DescriptionIntroducing for the line This line can make the pellets from sawdust, straw, stalk, thin wood chip and so on. It collects the material and mix, adjust the material to make one, small pellets. The ...
Henan Skysat Machinery Co.,Ltd    China    (2016/02/14)
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