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   Sell A4 White Paper
Specifications A4 copy paper 80gsm 1.long years experience 2.Nice appearance-white and clean 3.Leave no dust in the copy A4 copy paper 80gsm item A4 copy paper size 210mm*297mm brightness 98%-105% weight 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm package 400/500 sheets/ctn ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Coconut Milk Powder
Coconut milk powder Fat:60%min Protein:6%min Material: fresh coconut coconut milk powder Fat:60%min protein:6%min Coconut milk Powder can be used in a number of ways, including savouries and sweet dishes. Cocos Coconut Cream Powder is a superior and ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Frozen Sardine Fish
We sell and export frozen sardines, frozen fish Specifications: English Name Frozen Sardine Latin Name Sardinella Aurita Available Size 6-8pcs/kg,8-10pcs/kg,10-12pcs/ kg,12-14pcs/kg, 14-16 pcs/kg Processing Frozen Whole Round,BQF Package 10kg/ctn or ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell ,Avocado for sale
Specifications Avocado Fruit P.E Product Name Avocado Fruit P.E. Botanical Name Persea americana Mill Part Used Fruit (Fresh, 100% Natural) Specification 10:1,20:1,5%,10% phytoxanthin Test method HPLC Appearance Brown Yellow Powder or orange yellow ...
Adamsfarmtrading    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Parsley
Specifications The sanitation protocol of Green leaves such Parsley, Coriander, dill & celery Itaas legal and approved by the American CDC
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell fresh pineapple
Specifications Fresh pineapple availability all year long Counts: 1.2kg = 10 fruits in a box 1.5kg = 8 fruits in a box 1.8kg = 7 fruits in a box 2.0kg = 6 fruits in a box. Packaging: Export cartons 10 or 12kg Deliveries 1) Container Minimum order: ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Farm Fresh Carrots
Specifications Grade A , High quality packing , Very competitive price. We would like to present our new Carrot crops with the following specifications: Varieties: Carrot Color: Yellow, Violet & Red Size: 150-200, 200-250, 250-300 & 300 mm up. ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Full Cream powder Milk
WE ARE SELLING AND EXPORTING milk POWDER. Specifications: Typical values...........Per 100g milk powder .......Per serving of 250 ml reconstituted milk (32.5 g milk powder ) Energy:.............2101 kJ / 503 kcal...683 kJ / 163 kcal ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Fresh Custard Apple
Specifications Quality Custard Apple Custard Apple 1.Fresh, Green Color, Juicy, Sweet 2.Store below: 18 degree 3.Diameter: 8 -16 Cm (4 6 Inches) Product: Custard Apple Specification: Fresh, Green Color, Juicy, Sweet & tender direct from green farms. ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
DEAR BUYER, We a a genuine and reliable suppliar, distributor and exporter of Heineken Beers world wide. PRODUCT: Heineken Origin: Holland (Netherlands) PACKAGING: (In cans and Bottles) 1) 500ml Cans and Bottles 24 x 500ml cans ml per Case 32 pallets ...
Adamsfarmtrading    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Popcorn Seed
Specifications Expansion Ratio: Min 45 (typically 47 to 49) Kernel Count: Max 60 ( typically 50 to 55) Moisture: max 14% The is the best South African popcorn currently available on the market. Can also offer Mushroom popcorn (for information on this ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Wheat Grains
Specifications edible wheat, broken mixed/ minimum, bulk quantity, long shelf life, highly nutritional, no adulteration
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Halal Beef
We are producers of Red Meat in shape of Carcass or boneless drawn from Goat, Lamb, Cow or Buffalo. Cattles are purchased from various places all over the country and then brought to our slaughter house for cutting and either chilling or freezing. ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Halal Lamb/ Sheep/ Mutton Carcass
The Meats are of the highest Standards in Quality & Taste as we buy the finest of the home grown, grass fed cattle due to our highly experienced staff who have many years of experience in slaughtering the animal in Islamic Way and drawing the best ...
Saat Universal Trading    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
   Sell Mutton Masala
Specifications We are the manufacturers of Mutton Masala powder , Garam masala powder. biryani mutton masala. We are a well-recognized name in manufacturing, exporting and processing of Biryani Masala.... Sambhar masala,Mutton masala,chicken masala ...
SA ALL TIME UNIVERSAL TRADING    South Africa    (2014/12/20)
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