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   Sell Urea
urea n46% nitrogen fertilizer 1.Nitrogen: 46.0%min 2.Biuret: 1.0%max ,Moisture: 0.6%max 3.Size: 2-4.75mm 90%min urea n46% nitrogen fertilizer Mostly used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, also used as raw material in production of plastic,resins ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Aluminum Sulphate (Ferric)
aluminium sulphate non ferric 1.Free Sample 2.Manufacturer Offer with SGS inspection 3.ISO9000:2000 aluminium sulphate non ferricAl2(SO4)3 Water treatment 17% or 15.8-16% ISO 9001-2000 certified Product name: Aluminium sulphate Packing:50kgs/bag and ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell CocaCola
While providx consumers with simple but gratifying moments of pleasure,Coca-Cola & allied beverages at average excellent prices provide refreshment, enjoyment and satisfaction. soft drinks basically contain carbonated or non-carbonated water, sugar ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Sawdust Briquettes Charcoal
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality biomass products like wood pellets from pine,oak,beech,birch and others and also sunflower husk pellets and wood briquettes.We also have firewood and charcoals for sale and want interested buyers contact ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Sunflower seeds
1)moisture 10% max., 2)admixture:1% 3)packed in 20kgs kraft paper bags. 4)one 40'HQ can load 21mt. variety:118,24/64,5009 moisture 10% max., admixture:1% packed in 20kgs kraft paper bags one 40'HQl can load 21mt
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell firewood (oak-beech-ash and hornbeam)
Firewood in 40l sacks: Birch firewood, price EXW Lithuania 2.1 EUR/40l sack Alder firewood, price EXW Lithuania 1.95 EUR/40l sack More details according position: 30 cm length packed in 40l sacks in 2RM containers. 64 units of 40l sacks in 2RM ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality frozen chicken feet to potential buyers which is of good grade 1.Type:Chicken 2.Product Type: Poultry 3.Style:Frozen 4.Certification:HACCP, HALAL 5.Freezing Process:BQF
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/06/30)
   Sell 4F-PVPsCrystal (504)3211537
We have high quality "4F-pvp Crystals" available in stock. We are open to ourcustomers andwe wish to secure a long term business relation. Shipment withinUnited States takes a maximum of 24 hours and 3 days to other regions with nondetectable ...
Schimtt Laboratories LLC    USA    (2016/06/30)
   Sell selling of organic fertilizers
Our company provides exporting facility of organic fertilizers.We are the leading manufacturer of agricare organic farms.Here the manufacturing of 100%pure organic fertilizer takes place.
Agricare Organic Farms    India    (2016/06/30)
   Sell SSD Solution and Activation Powders ...
we have in larges stock looking for serious buyers Buy money,Currencies/ usd/ euro/pounds best Original Passport,Visa, Driving License, Residence Permits,Work Permits, Cetis Permits PASSPORT, DRIVERS LICENSE, ID CARDS, BIRTH CETIFICATES, Residence ...
Bonkju Pharmaceuticals LLC    USA    (2016/06/30)
   Sell SK-II
Benlux International (Hong Kong) Limited is a skin care and cosmetic products wholesaler in Hong Kong and the head office is in Singapore which operated over 20 years. For any details, please visit our website: http://www.benlux-intl.com.sg/ We sell ...
Benlux International (HK)    Hong Kong    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Breathing Air Compressor
Followings are the specification of high pressure breathing air compressors made in Korea. 1. Type : 3~4 stage, air-cooled, oil injected, V-belt, piston reciprocating 2. Discharging pressure : 150 ~ 330 bar G. 3. Flow capacity : 85 ~ 650 liter/min 4. ...
Metec Corporation    Korea    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Small High Pressure Compressor
METEC CORPORATION is a manufacturer/supplier of high pressure compressors made in Korea. Followings are of specification of 1Hp high pressure air compressors with high quality. 1. Type : 3 stages, oil-lubricated, air-cooled, piston recirpocating, ...
Metec Corporation    Korea    (2016/06/30)
   Sell Oil-free high pressure gas booster
* Oil-free High pressure booster compressor for getting higher quality/pure gas 1. Specification . Type : 2~4 stage, Water-cooled (by radiator), Oil-free, piston reciprocating . V-belt driven type on skid frame . Discharge pressure : 30 ~ 350 bar G. ...
Metec Corporation    Korea    (2016/06/30)
   Sell High Pressure Compressors (V-belt)
METEC CORPORATION is a manufacturer/supplier of high pressure compressors made in Korea. Followings are of specification of high pressure air compressors with high quality. 1. High pressure compressors of 3-4 stages 2. Pressure : 50 ~ 400 bar G. 3. ...
Metec Corporation    Korea    (2016/06/30)
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