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   Sell Mephedrones-Powder and Crystal (4MMCs)
Product name :Mephedrone (4mmc) Appearance : crystal Purity : 99.9 % Packing : Aluminium foil bag Usage : Research purpose 1. We can offer NMR,HPLC and COA if you want. 2. We can offer sample for testing 3. If package get seized by customs,we will ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell 4-FA 4fas Cas 459-02-9 Supplier
Name: 4-FA CAS number: 459-02-9 Formula: C9H12FN Mol.mass:153.20g/mol Purity: 99.5% Appearance: Powder form Packing: Aluminium foil bag Usage: Research purpose
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Mabc mabc Cas 932182-81-2 Supplier
Other name: MAB-AB-Chminaca, MA-Chminaca CAS number: 932182-81-2 Formula: C20H28N4O2 Purity: 99.3% min Appearance: white powder Package: on request We will be your reliable partner in China IUPAC name: methyl ...
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Abp Abp Cas 2835-77-0 Supplier
Product Name: ABP CAS No.: 2835-77-0 Appearance: white crystalline powder Purity: 98% Application: research chemical Storage: shading, confined preservation.
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Butylones Cas 17762-90-2 Supplier
Product Name: 2-Methylamino-1-(3',4'-methylenedioxyphenyl)butan-1-one hydrochloride Synonyms: 2-methylamino-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)butan-1-one;2-(Methylamino)-3',4'-(methylenedioxy)-butyrophenonehydrochloride;2-METHYLAMINO-1-(3'' ...
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
   Sell 25I-NBOMes 25inbomes Cas 919797-19-6 Supplier
Product Name: 25i-nbomes (Each product name add a "s" because of the related policy) CAS NO.:919797-19-6 Purity: >=99.9% Appearance: White crystal powder Formula: c18h22ino3 Molecular weight: 427.277 Synonyms: 2-(4-iodo-2 ...
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Larocainee, 3MMCc, 4MMCc
We sell and supply high quality and purity research chemicalss and plant food both large and small quantities below is a list of our products Our products are of High purity -We offer discreet and Reliable packaging and delivery. We are here to ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell AL-LAD and ETH-LAD
We are sure that we are going to give the best service and support for our exclusive customers.We promise to sell only original and legit products in USA, Canada and Australia. We offer %100 full re-ship policy for USA and UK. We are authorised ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Morphines Sulfate
We are a growing entity :and Our mission is to supply you with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices to ensure the best value to customers, through effective use of available resources,
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Sibuslim 20mg Capsule,Viagraa 100mg 150 Pills ...
Other brand names of Viagraa Why do some drugs have different names? These are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturer. In different countries manufacturers will often use different trade names. The medications have the same active ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Dextroamphetamins Powder,Etizolams Powder ...
our company dedicates to pharmaceutical intermediates, special chemicals and others.especially in RC chemicals, Peptides and Anabolic products.since we're more professional! We have been trying to produce the most popular products to satisfy the ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell 2-AMINO-6-METHOXY-3-nitropyridine, ...
Name:2-AMINO-6-METHOXY-3-nitropyridine Other name:2-Amino-3-nitro-6-methoxypyridine; 6-METHOXY-3-NITRO-2-PYRIDINYLAMINE; 6-METHOXY-3-NITROPYRIDIN-2-AMINE; 2-PYRIDINAMINE, 6-METHOXY-3-NITRO-; 2-AMINO-3-NITRO-6-METHOXY PYRIDINE; ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Danabol
TITAN HEALTHCARE ORIGINAL PRODUCT! European BASED DISTRIBUTOR! ! ! We ship from European Union. RISK FREE! ! ! Guarantied delivery. Reship policy in efect in case of custom seizure! ! ! We only give guarantied delivery to EU country's! ! ! Minim ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell Adipex, Qsymia, Belviq
We are high-tech enterprise which engages in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), high-tech electronic materials and other fine chemicals with pain ...
Cocagrowersnetw    USA    (2015/09/04)
   Sell AB-chminaca abchminaca Cas 837231-31-2 ...
CAS: 837231-31-2 Formula: C20H28N4O2 Molecular weight: 356.22 Compound purity: > 99.7% Related substance: Total Impurities(%) = 0.3% Appearance: White powder
Dh Chemical Technology Co.,LTD.    China    (2015/09/04)
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