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   Sell smooking Rolling Paper
The OCB "Premium" range is strong, ultra lightweight, and so thin that it is almost transparent. With holographic lettering on sleek, contemporary black and silver packaging. High quality rolling papers made from ultra thin, chlorine free paper, each ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Wet Salted Cow Hide and Dry Donkey Hide
Specifications Machine and Hand flayed No humps, 1 to 2 brands A) Wet Salted cow head, size:120/40cm, weight: 2.5/5.5 kg, thickness:5-6mm 80%,8-10mm 20%, 70% face skin,30% top head skin, No ears, no horns, no nose, 1.3 ton/big bag, 20 big bags ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell 100% Natural Raw Sisal Fiber
Available for export are Sisal Fibre of UG grade and SSUG. sisal fibre: Grade A and Grade B Length: 110cm-130cm Moisture: 10%-13% Impurity: 0-2% max Color: natural white or mixed with natural cream We take pride in quality of our fibre and we are ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell High Quality Soybean Meal
specification 1Crude protein 44%min, 2 Crude Fibre 5%max, 3Moisture 12%max, 4Crude Ash 8%max, We are a factory do professional do animal feed.We can supply soya bean meal with good quality and reasonable price. This product is full of nutrition. It ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell 100% Olive Oil, extra virgin at cheap prices.
We are dedicated in agricultural products that the national and international specifications concerning safety and hygiene. Our target is the absolute satisfaction for every customer. To achieve that, the company applies the certified Product Safety ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Guar Gum
Guar Gum from Pakistan and India Fine 200 mesh, vast CPS range Food grade, Oil drilling grade Guar Gum is primarily the ground endosperm of the seeds from Cyamopsis tetragonolobus (L.) Taub. (Fam. Leguminosae) mainly consisting of high molecular ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Vanilla snow ice powder
magic snow powder Size:20x11cm weight: 12g magic snow powder You will find you required items and get the best price from us please contact immediately Size:20x11CM packing: each in plastic tube, 48pcs/ctn measurement: 36*33*13cm Features: You just ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Sodium Cyanides
we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Sodium Cyanides to potential buyers which is of good grade Sodium Ferro cyanide Na4Fe (CN) 1 Appearance White block or powder 2 Sodium C(NaC) 98.0% 3 Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH) 0.5% Sodium Ferro cyanide ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Castor Oil Pure Export Quality ; Castor Oil
Producer and Exporters of Castor Oil, Pure Castor Oil and Castor Oil related products. Castor Oil is produced by GMP Process Castor Oils: Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean or castor seed. Parker provides variety of castor ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Bulk Chia Seed Supply
Chia seeds - Crop 2013 We have availability of new crop of chia seeds! Better prices and the Best quality of mexican crop Nature is our tradition... We are Plantamex, leading grower, manufacturer and exporter of Herbs, Seeds & Spices such as CHIA ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell WALNUT kernel
1.thin nutshell. 2.origin of place walnut: Ukraine 3.good taste 4.Full organic product Grade: First grade Guality standard: Export standard
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
We are suppliers of hides and skins such as donkey hides, wet salted cow skin, wet blue cow skin, dry salted cow skin, wet salted cow head skin, wet salted sheep skin, wet blue sheep skin, dry salted sheep skin, pickled sheep skin, wet salted merino ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Refined Soybean Oil
Crude soybean oil undergoes further refinement- degumming, refining, bleaching, and deodorizing and forms refined soybean oil. Spec.: GM and non-GM soybean oil, best for cooking, frying, stir-frying and dressing salad Packing: pet bottle/ plastic ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Corn Gluten Meal ,Meat and Bone Meal Protein ...
100% Pure Fish Meal Raw materials: Anchovy Capacity: 3000mt/month 100% Pure Fish Meal 100% Pure Fish Meal Raw materials: Anchovy Capacity: 3000mt/month 100% Pure Fish Meal
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
   Sell Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Description : Virgin Coconut Oil is the natural oil produced from fresh coconut through chilled-centrifugal-vacuum process. Country of Origin : Indonesia Form : Liquid Colour : Clear Shelf Life : 24 months (when properly stored) MOQ : 1MT ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/07/24)
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