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We are suppliers of hides and skins such as donkey hides, wet salted cow skin, wet blue cow skin, dry salted cow skin, wet salted cow head skin, wet salted sheep skin, wet blue sheep skin, dry salted sheep skin, pickled sheep skin, wet salted merino ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Wet Salted Cow Hides/ Goat Hides/ Sheep Skin ...
We produce hides and skins of various types of animals and of different forms. Such as wet saltyed cow hides, wet salted cow head skins, wet salted sheep skins, wet salted donkey hides, wet salted pig skins, wet blue cow hides, wet blue sheep skins, ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Paperone Copy Paper
We are known for the supply of best quality copy paper, we supply mostly A3 paper A4 paper in roll 80gsm,75gsm.70gsm. We mainly supply ; Double A copier paper Paperone copier paper Golden Star copier paper Laser / Copier Paper Golden Star copier ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell PVB Film Scrap
We are exporters and suppliers of PVB Film Scrap and we have the ability to supply PVB Scrap on a monthly bases. Material : PVB Film Scrap * Source: Post - industrial * Colors : 100% Natural color (Milky white) 1- Obsolete PVB film rolls 2- Single ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Ostrich Chicks
ostrich eggs and birds available for sale hand tamed parrots and parrot eggs for sale Our aviary breed healthy, trained and tame parrots ready to go to their new homes, availabilities in our facility and pet shop are high breed train, tame and ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Sunflower seeds
1)moisture 10% max., 2)admixture:1% 3)packed in 20kgs kraft paper bags. 4)one 40'HQ can load 21mt. variety:118,24/64,5009 moisture 10% max., admixture:1% packed in 20kgs kraft paper bags one 40'HQl can load 21mt
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell high qulity product bitter melon p.e. (10%)
1. Bitter Melon Extract 2. Saponins 10% -30% 3.Brown fine Powder 4.Free sample Description: English name: Bitter Melon Extract Latin Name: Momordica Charantia Linn Part Used: Fruit Active ingredient: Saponins /Charantin Testing Method: HPLC ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell CocaCola
While providx consumers with simple but gratifying moments of pleasure,Coca-Cola & allied beverages at average excellent prices provide refreshment, enjoyment and satisfaction. soft drinks basically contain carbonated or non-carbonated water, sugar ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell 100% Refined Corn Oil
Specifications 1,healthful corn oil 2,high nutri 3.high purity for cooking refined corn oil 1.it is oil extracted from the germ of corn 2,its main use is in cooking 3.it has a milder taste our products all meet the national standard. specifications ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Aptamil Baby Powder Milk
Aptamil Baby Infant Milk Powder 1. German Origin 2. 900 GM 3. 6 cans per case Product Feature We supply from the Aptamil milk powder with all stages Package : 6 tins per case For the weight of New package : Stage 1 First Milk Powder : 900g Stage 2 ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Aluminium Used Beverage Cans Scrap
We can supply in large quantity Baled Aluminium Used Beverage Cans ( UBC ): ISRI Spec Taldon Magnetically separated material and free of steel , lead, bottle caps, plastic cans and other plastic, glass, word, dirt and other foreign substances. ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell AB-chminacas, 2-PTC,A-PVPs AcetylFentanyll ...
Quality products Express delivery No problems with custom Discrete shipment Discounts available contact for price and more detials
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Botox100iu 150iu 200iu Dermal Fillers
We are involved in supplying excellent quality Botox100iu 150iu 200iu Dermal Fillers . Our offered Botox100iu 150iu 200iu Dermal Fillers is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer Botox100iu 150iu 200iu ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
   Sell Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil
Density(15 C) Kg/m3 910-925 Flash Point P. -M C Min 220 Cinematic Viscosity (40 C) mm2/s Max. 36.0 Lower cloric value Kj/kg 36 Cetane Number min. 39 min. 39 Carbon Residue Mass n. C. % (m/m) Max. 0.40 Iodine Number g Jod/100g 95-125 Sulphur ...
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality frozen chicken feet to potential buyers which is of good grade 1.Type:Chicken 2.Product Type: Poultry 3.Style:Frozen 4.Certification:HACCP, HALAL 5.Freezing Process:BQF
Globax Llc    Ukraine    (2016/10/01)
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