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   Sell elbow
Shanghai Autotight Valve & Fitting Co.,ltd We provide: 1.Valve:ball valve,gate valve,globe valve,check valve,butterfly valve,knife gate valve,foot valve,sanitary valve,brass valve,steam trap,strainer,etc. 2.Pipe fitting: thread fitting,welded fitting ...
Shanghai Autotight Valve & Fitting Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell Medium and Heavy Type Steel Pipe Socket ...
1. Description Gensun Precision Machining can produce diffrent CNC machined components and CNC machining parts according to customer's CAD and 3D drawings. 1. We supply: CNC machining, CNC Machining Parts, CNC Lathe Parts, CNC Machined Part, Turning ...
Gensun Precision Machining Co., Ltd    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 2MBI150U4H-170 1700V 150A FUJI IGBT MODULES
2MBI150U4H-170 1700V 150A FUJI IGBT MODULES Company Information Nanjing Fastech Co., Ltd is a professional power electronic components agency. Gathering well-know brands in the world, to build the domestic first- class super market for powers ...
Nanjing Fastech Co., Ltd    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell polyester silk screen printing mesh fabric
Feature & advantage 1.Heat ,acid and alkali resistance 2.Long working life 3.Wear resistance 4.High air permeability 5.Manufacture 6.ISO9001 7.Imported weaving machine Application: silk screen printing mesh/CD/DVD/graphics screen printing /glass ...
Hebei Shangshai Bloting Cloth Manufacturering Co.,Ltd    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell Cheapest Quran Mobile Read Pen
Key features: 1. Word by word; 2. Combine kinds of language; 3. With MP3, record, repeat function; 4. Built in Nand flash supported; 5. Fast read and translations with clear voice; 6. 4/8/16 GB memory built in unit opetion; 7. High capability Flash ...
ShenZhen Grand Company    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 7-BROMO-1-tetralone
ProName: 7-Bromo-1-tetralone CasNo: 32281-97-3 Appearance: White to yellow to tan powder or cryst... Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates PackAge: CardboardProduction Capacity: Metric Ton/Day Purity: 98% Storage: RefrigeratorLimit Num: 0 Metric ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 2-fluoro-3-chloroMethylbenzoate
ProName: 4-Fluoro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenol CasNo: 61721-07-1 Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellow liquid PackAge: 200kg/drumProduction Capacity: Metric Ton/Day Purity: 99% Transportation: by sea or others Limit Num: 1 Kilogram
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
ProName: 2-(BROMOMETHYL)-5-CHLOROBENZONITRILE CasNo: 50712-69-1 Application: It is an important raw material and in... DeliveryTime: prompt PackAge: according to the clients requirement Port: ShanghaiPurity: 98% Storage: Store in dry, dark and ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 4HOMET
Product Name: 3-[2-(ETHYL-METHYL-AMINO)-ETHYL]-1H-INDOL-4-OL Synonyms: 3-[2-(ETHYL-METHYL-AMINO)-ETHYL]-1H-INDOL-4-OL;1H-Indol-4-ol,3-[2-(ethylMethylaMino)ethyl]-;4-HO-MET;4-Hydroxy-N-Methyl-N-ethyltryptaMine;(3-(2-diethylaMinoethyl)-1H-indol-4-yl) ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 4-FA
ProName: 4-FA CasNo: 459-02-9 Appearance: white or off-white powder Application: pharmaceutical intermediates DeliveryTime: within 3 days PackAge: foil bag Port: QINGDAO ProductionCapacity: Metric Ton/Day Purity: 98% minStorage: Room ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 5-mdo-dalt
ProName: 5-MeO-DALT CasNo: 928822-98-4 Appearance: white powder Application: widely used for laboratory research pu... DeliveryTime: 2 days PackAge: 1KG, 5KG/aluminum foil bagPort: shanghaiProduction Capacity: 1 Kilogram/Day Purity: >99% Storage: ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 6-APB
ProName: 6-apb CasNo: 286834-84-2 Appearance: crystals powder Application: used as a protective agent amino acids DeliveryTime: 1-2days PackAge: Packing can be customized ProductionCapacity: 500000 Kilogram/Month Purity: 99.5%Storage: seal ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 2-FA
ProName: Perindopril CasNo: 82834-16-0 Appearance: White crystalline powder PackAge: as per your requirementProduction Capacity: 8 Metric Ton/Year Purity: 98%minLimit Num: 100 Gram
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 25C-NBOME
ProName: 25I-NBOMe CasNo: 919797-19-6 Appearance: white or off-white Application: Pharmaceutical intermediate DeliveryTime: 1-2 working days PackAge: 1KG/foil bag Port: ChinaProduction Capacity: 10 Kilogram/Month Purity: 99%Storage: Dry, sealed ...
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
   Sell 4hodipt
Product Name: 4-ho-dipt Synonyms: 4-ho-dipt;4-Hydroxy-N,N-di(iso)propyltryptaminehydrochloride CAS: 63065-90-7 MF: C16H24N2O.ClH MW: 296.84 EINECS: Product Categories: Mol File: 63065-90-7.mol
Jinan Juxian Import and Exportco,Ltd.    China    (2015/07/01)
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