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   Sell medium speed wire cut edm machine CF250
Parameters unit CF250 Table Size (LxW) mm 550*400; Table Travel (XxY) mm 250*320; Max. Cut Height mm 300; Max. Cut Taper degree/mm 6/80; Max. Cut Speed Square mm/min 200; Precision (Octagon) mm 0.01; Max. Current A 8; Roughness (Multi-Cut ) um 1.0; ...
Suzhou Changfeng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd    China    (2014/04/24)
   Sell offer wire cutting edm machine DK7740E
CNC Wire Cutting EDM Machine Major Feature of DK77 serial CNC EDM wire-cutting machine : lies in that it has no special requirement to the processed metal material properties. In principle, it can process all the conductive materials such as ...
Suzhou Zhonghang Changfeng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd    China    (2014/04/24)
   Sell wire cutting machine DK7720A
WEDM DK7720applies to hardware, metal jewelry, watches mold processing is particularly suitable for powder metallurgy, magnetic material cutting, high production efficiency, cutting low surface roughness and high precision DK7720 Technical ...
Suzhou Changfeng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd    China    (2014/04/24)
   Sell high speed wire cutting machine DK7732E
DK7732E Technical specifications Table dimension A. Traverse (X): 600mm; B. Longitudinal (Y): 460mm; Worktable A. Traverse travel (X): 320mm; B. Longitudinal travel (Y): 400mm; Wire guide frame A. Traverse travel (U): 8mm; B. Longitudinal travel (V): ...
Suzhou Zhonghang Changfeng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd    China    (2014/04/24)
   Sell Guide Wheel/Pulley for Wire Cut EDM Machine
Guide Wheel/Pulley Assembly For CNC High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine, assembled with guide wheel/pulley, brass base and bearings. 1 guide wheel installation must be cleaned before installation, bearings after matching. 2 after installation manual, ...
Suzhou Zhonghang Changfeng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd    China    (2014/04/24)
   Sell potato starch
Specifications Sweet potato starch Moisture: 16%max. Ash Content: 0. 25% Acidity: 6 Re:Sweet potato starch white 100% sweet potato starch specs. Feature:It's made of high quality sweet potato, and has some advantage such as pure white, highly ...
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell Native Tapioca Starch
Starch: 85% min Moisture: 13% Max Ash: 0.2% max PH: 4 -7. Weigh the fresh cassava roots to determine the starch percentage. Remove sand and impurity in the rotary screener. Put it into the peeling-and-cleansing device, and then chop out root tails. ...
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell PET flakes
Process : Hot washed PVC less than 50ppm Humidity less than 1%; Contaminant less than 150ppm Dimension and Size 14 mm Clear colour Grade: Hot Washed & Dried. Flake Size: less than14 MM. PVC Content: less than 50 PPM Impurity: 150 PPM Moisture: Less ...
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell fresh garlic
Specifications fresh garlic 1 top quality 2 resonable price 3 best service Packing: 1) Loose packing: a) 10kg/ctn b) 20kg/ctn c) 10kg/mesh bag d) 20kg/mesh bag 2) Small packing: a) 1kg/bag, 1kg x 10 bags/ctn b) 500g/bag, 500g x 20 bags/ctn c) ...
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell red kidney bean
Specifications 1.Size:160-180,180-2000,200-220,220-240pc/100g 2.Admixture: 0.3%max 3.Moisture: 16%max 4.Imperfect: 2%max... HPS Quality Size:160-180,180-190,200-220,220-240pc/100g Admixture: 0.3%max Moisture: 16%max Imperfect: 2%max... HPS Quality ...
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell crude corn oil
Specifications Best quality, first grade Pack in bulk, flexibag or plastic drum Well-known brand Corn oil 1. 100% GMO free 2. Good quality, produced following standard GB19111-2003 3. Kosher, HALAL certified.
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell White Kidney Bean
Specifications 1. white kidney bean,size: 200-220pcs/100g, 220-240pcs/100g 2. Moisture:16% 3. Admixture:0.5% 4. Imperfect: 2%
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell Hot sale copper cathode
We sell good quality copper cathode at very good and affordable price, contact us to place your order now
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell Fresh Ginger
Specifications All Kinds of Ginger Clean and shinny yellow colro Size 100g-300g and up Origin:Tanzania Certificate:HACCP,ISO
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
   Sell Alfalfa Hay - Single Press
ALFA ALFA Crude Protein ------- 18% Ash ----------------- 10% max Crude Fiber --------- 24% min Moisture ------------- 12% max Calcium ------------ 1.7% Potassium------------ 1.4% ADF----------------- 28% NDF---------------- 43%
Denco Group Ltd    Tanzania    (2014/04/24)
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