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   Sell Alfalfa Extract
Product name: Alfalfa extract Latin Name: Medicago sativa L Appearance: Brown Powder Product Specification:5:1 Loss on drying: NMT5.0% Heavy metals: NMT10ppm Acid insoluble Ash: NMT5.0% CAS No: 138-52-3
China Jin Li Industry Co.,Ltd    China    (2014/10/22)
   Sell rocker switch
Rating :10A 125V AC(UL CUL) 6A 250V AC(UL CUL CQC ENEC VDE CB KTL) Contact Resistance :50 Max Insulation resistance :DC 500V 100 min Dielectric strength :AC1500V 1minute Electrical life :10,000 cycles Operating temperature :0-85 We are professional ...
HongJu(DongGuan) Electronic&Metal Products Co.,Ltd    China    (2014/10/22)
   Sell High Tech Assembly Gloves
[ High Tech Assembly Gloves ] Our High Tech Assembly Gloves are Polyamide Fiber Gloves, which are popular for their high strength, durability, low moisture absorption and comfortability. Features - Polyurethane coating provides super grip and ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell ESD Laminating Film
[ ESD Laminating Film ] Features - Good Transparency - 2 Grades of ESD properties - Good performance in Laminating - Semi-permanent surface resistivity - Film in roll type is also available on request Applications - Protect documents with ESD ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell ESD Soles
[ Conductive Grey Soles ] Material - PVC, Conductive compound Advantage - RTG : 10e4-10e6 ohms, extremely low s/generation, economical type, slip resistance [ Conductive NBR Soles ] Material - Synthetic rubber (NBR-35L), natural rubber, conductive ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Conductive Parts Box
[ Conductive Parts Box ] [ Conductive Chip Box ] [ Conductive Cabinet ]
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Non-Woven Wiper
[ Non-Woven Wiper ] Features - Made of rayon staple fiber - High absorbency - Less particle generation -Less non-volatile residues - No damage to the surface thanks to its softness Applications - Pre-cleaning for spare parts of equipment - Equipment ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Automatic Tape Cutter
[ Automatic Tape Cutter ]
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Clean Label
[ Clean Label ] - Polstar Clean Label is for the purpose of memo, data writing or bar coding on wafer carrier or box - Particle-free PP film with acrylic glue minimize contamination and is free from unwanted adhesive residue after the label is ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell PE Protection Film
Polstar PE Protection Film(PPF) is widely used in various objects that need surface protection from outer impact, contaminations, scratches, etc. The main applications are for stainless steel, AL sheets, acrylic sheets, powder coated steel, wooden ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell PE Sticky Roller and Antistatic PE Sticky ...
Color : Blue, White, Transparent Size : 100, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 450, 500 mm, etc Length : 20m/roll Core : 38mm, 3"
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Thermal Paper
Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell Installation Accessories for flooring tiles
Conductive Adhesive - Carbon Fiber Type : Water based fiber mixed Conductive acryl adhesive The reconmmended quantity of adhesive is 0.25kg / sqmt Copper Tape -Install the Copper Tape according to the interval standard of floor electric resistance ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell ESD Garment
ESD Garment Cleanroom/ESD Garment is used in the place where proper protection against particle contamination and ElectroStatic Discharge are required. We can supply you with this garment as well as fabric and we have various styles of garments such ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
   Sell ESD Control OA Tile
[ ESD Control OA Tile ] As the general office environment get computerized and systemized, there are not much various selections on suitable flooring materials. If Raised (Access) Floor is considered, suitable flooring cover, which must be antistatic ...
MEC Industries    Korea    (2014/10/22)
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